Why Mobile Grooming?

  • Convenience

    No more schlepping back and forth to the groomer with your dog in the car.

  • One on one attention

    Our full attention is always on your pet.

  • Less stress for your dog

    Grooming is merely a few steps away from home. We work start to finish so your pet spends less time away from home.  There are no interactions with other pets.

  • Accommodates special needs

    Is your pet cage or animal aggressive, blind, elderly, immune compromised, or have other special needs? We can tailor their grooming experience to comfortably accommodate their limitations.

“Pretty Paws is the best service I could ever imagine to groom my dog.  They are reliable, friendly, loving towards him and overall I rate their work and the company as a 10!  A+”


Why pretty paws LLC of the sound shore region of Westchester county?

  • Practices holistic grooming

    Holistic grooming takes into consideration the physical and mental well-being of the pet, parent and groomer.

  • We use the best products on the market

    We use the highest quality, mostly natural and organic products. A full list of ingredients ensures your pet is never exposed to hidden chemicals which may be toxic to him – or your family.

  • Dedication to continuing education

    We attend several professional pet trade shows and educational conferences annually.

  • Leader in the pet industry

    Beth is a nationally recognized speaker and educator in the professional pet industry

  • We will love your pet as if he is our own

    That’s a fact!

“You have the best service possible, you care for the dogs

as you would your own children.”


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