What is a pet first aid class?

We teach the following Pet Tech programs, PetSaver and Pet CPR, First Aid, and Care. Pet Tech is the only comprehensive program that incorporates multiple learning styles and a hands-on approach. The curriculum is detailed for pet professionals yet simplistic and intuitive for pet owners.

Each participant receives a workbook and a certificate of course completion.

Why is a pet first aid class important?

According to American Animal Hospital Association: 25% more pets could have been saved if only one pet first aid technique was applied prior to veterinarian treatment.

A study done in the American Journal Of Veterinary Sciences concluded that only 10% of pets would survive if needed CPR was not administered before reaching the veterinarian’s office.

These skills have the potential to be the difference between life and death.

What will I learn?

  • Senior Care and Wellness

  • Priorities and Concerns of emergency situations

  • Restraining and Muzzling

  • Primary Pet Assessment

  • CPR

  • Rescue breathing

  • Choking

  • Bleeding and Shock

  • Poisoning

  • Insect and snake bites

  • Heat and Cold injuries

  • Seizures

  • pet first aid kits

  • Snout To Tail assessments

  • dental care

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