Our Basic Pampering Includes:

The base price includes the following services unless agreed upon during scheduling or check-in:

  • Hydro-massage bath

  • Hand drying

  • Ears cleaned

  • Nails trimmed

  • Through brushing when allowed by condition of coat

“Our baby teacup poodle Petunia is very precious to us.  When it came time for her to be groomed we were very careful to find the perfect person.  When the groomer came to the house for the first session I was amazed at how incredible she was…the truck was meticulous, she was kind, very gentle and her knowledge and love of animals was apparent immediately ….not to mention her grooming skills are truly unmatched.  I would highly recommend Pretty Paws to anyone …..Thank You for always taking such good care of our little Petunia.”


Your pet can benefit from SPAW services

These premium services are available for an additional charge.

  • Nail filing

    Smooths rough nail edges.

    Your legs will thank you!

  • Nose, pads, and callous conditioning

  • Dental Care

    A two step process that uses odor and bacteria fighting enzymes;

    leaving a fresher, healthier mouth.

  • Deshedding

  • Degreasing

  • Oil Therapy

    We take the finest imported Ginkgo Oil, Ozonized Olive Oil, Oligo (mineral) Elements oils and collagen and add it to your pet’s bathing regime as well as mist it on your pet’s skin and coat to help protect against drying. A must have during cold weather or for dry pets!

  • Therapy Baths

     For Allergies, Parasites, Bacterial infections and Fungal infections

    To select the most appropriate therapy for your pet supporting veterinary documentation is recommended.

“I just have to say thank you again! Stitch looks absolutely adorable – it’s hard to resist that little face! Love love love the way you trimmed her bangs! We will see you in a few months.”


Coming Soon!

Facials and Bodywraps!!!!!

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